Welcome to the CPV Woodbridge Energy Center

Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) is dedicated to developing electric generating facilities that help meet our future energy needs in an environmentally responsible manner. We focus on natural gas powered electric generating facilities like the CPV Woodbridge Energy Center, and renewable energy facilities, as a means of achieving a cleaner energy future. We are proud to be working with the people of the Woodbridge Township, and the state of New Jersey to build this state-of-the-art energy center to help meet the energy and economic needs of approximately 700,000 homes.  

CPV Woodbridge Energy Center at Night


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Latest News

4/25/ 2016 - CPV WEC Dedication
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What Officials are saying about the WEC

“We’d like to think that every corporation should have a role outside of just operating in Woodbridge Township. CPV has been just a great citizen in Woodbridge, a great partner with the township. We love working with them. I wish they could open up five more power plants. I’d let them do it tomorrow because they’ve been such a good corporate citizen with us and have partnered with us.”
- Mayor John McCormack, Woodbridge

“Well I think one of the benefits of having business interact with the kids at that age is to spark an interest in what they might want to do as an adult. It takes an artist to build the plant and design it. It takes engineers to figure out how it’s going to work and all of that uses math. All of those are applied at the power plant and I think the benefit for the kids is they get exposed to something they don’t see every day.”
- Kenneth Earl, Plant Manager

“This is such a unique opportunity for the children. I think that the program that the CPV educates offers brings a real world application to the material probably in a much more dynamitic way than the children would receive from simply a text book alone.”- Laura Zecchino, Fort Reading School Teacher

“I think it’s great that CPV comes in and volunteers their time. It’s wonderful to have volunteers to come in and help the kids not only to educate them but to again help the partnership with the community.”
- Margaret Truppa, Menlo Park Terrace School 19 Principal

“As educators, our goal is to provide the best opportunity for our students and by partnering with CPV, allowing them to educate our children in the areas of science, to expose them to careers that they would not know about it helps us, it aids us and it provides opportunities we may not otherwise have had.”
- Stephanie West, Principal, Lafayette Estates

“CPV people are amazing. I was fortunate to be able to oversee the project and what that meant was constant communication --- us helping them, them helping us many times. They would take me through where they were in the process and this started before they even started building the plant. They had so much they had to do with transmission lines and pipelines before they even put the first generator down. And they allowed me to take tours as they built the plant. So it was very exciting to be a part of actually growing a power plant.”
- Caroline Ehrlich, Chief of Staff, Director of Redevelopment Agency