In today’s technology-driven world, the demand for energy continues to soar with the increased use of computers, cell phones, air conditioning and all the modern conveniences upon which we have come to depend.  At Competitive Power Ventures (CPV), we are dedicated to building safe and reliable facilities that generate affordable electricity and operate in a manner consistent with the values of the communities we serve.  We are excited about the opportunity that the CPV Woodbridge Energy Center (WEC) presents to demonstrate our commitment to a clean energy future and to the community of Woodbridge.  We hope you will take this opportunity to learn more about the WEC and the significant energy, environmental, and economic benefits that it brings to the State of New Jersey and to the local community it serves.

Project Overview

The WEC is a 725 megawatt (MW) natural gas fueled combined-cycle power generation facility located in Woodbridge Township, New Jersey. The WEC generates enough electricity to power more than 700,000 homes, helping New Jersey meet its growing demand for energy while also increasing the reliability of New Jersey’s grid. The facility utilizes the most advanced generation technology available today, making it one of the nation’s cleanest and most efficient power generation facilities. Because the WEC is so efficient, it will reduce New Jersey’s dependence on older and less efficient power generating facilities. By displacing older units the WEC delivers electricity more cleanly and thereby improves the state’s environmental profile.

As part of CPV’s mission to conserve natural resources, the WEC uses predominantly “grey water” from the nearby Middlesex County Utilities Authority to meet facility cooling needs. By using recycled wastewater that would otherwise be discharged to the Raritan River, the WEC is minimizing its impact on valuable water resources and the environment.

Another important environmental and economic benefit of the WEC is that it is located in a former Brownfield Development Area (BDA). Remediation and reuse of the long abandoned chemical plant where the WEC plant has been built, is part of an important initiative underway among the State of New Jersey, private developers, and local municipalities to clean up contaminated properties and to bring back jobs and economic development. Part of the remediation of the WEC site includes access to the Raritan River for recreational purposes.



Type of Facility:
Highly-efficient, combined-cycle natural gas electric generating station 

26 acres in Woodbridge, NJ on the site of an abandoned chemical plant


725 MW

Facility On-line Date:
January 15, 2016

Natural gas

Electric Interconnection:

Jersey Central Power and Light’s Raritan River substation, approximately 3 miles away

Proud Supporter:

WoodbridgeTownship School District Woodbridge Metro Chamber of Commerce
Colonia Middle School Fridays Friends